Where is my CAPE?

It’s 0700 and we are getting ready for report. Properly staffed, we were on our way for a good day. Shortly after the phone rings. It’s the nursing office pulling 2 nurses. The ER is full and they are opening a floor to accommodate the admissions. I was one of the unlucky ones pulled to open the floor.

It was 2 nurses with no secretary or CNA to assist. During the course of the day, I admitted 7 patients and my partner 8.  We worked as a team but it was a horrible day. I don’t think our feet touched the ground. We had no lunch and I don’t remember using the bathroom. Two hours before the shift ended, the nursing office called requesting to have all patients transferred to other floors so they can close the floor again. Apparently the ER slowed down and there were lots of discharges. The race was on to get everyone off the floor in two hours. It took us three but it was done.

We both dragged ourselves to the locker room to grab our belongings. When we opened our locker, to our surprise there it was our CAPE. It goes to show that we don’t need to have a cape on to be super nurses, we are without them.

Knowing that you have the right to say “NO” to an assignment, would you have taken the task on opening a floor with only 2 nurses and no other help?


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