We as nurses never know what our shift will be like until we arrive to the floor. We pray and hope for the best. Some of us cry in the car while others medicate themselves to survive the shift. This is what nursing has become.

My unit has 32 beds and it’s almost always full. It is a telemetry floor with half being an isolation unit. This particular night when I arrived to work, I found out that there were just three nurses including myself. The floor was full so two of us had 11 patients and one had 10 patients and she was to be the charge nurse. Now I don’t know of any nurse that can be in charge of an entire floor when she has her own 10 patients.

The beauty of it all is that although short staff that night the 3 of us got together and discuss the situation. We divided the patients and we told each other that tonight we will be a team. We will stand together and survive. This is what nursing is all about. Having each other’s back. Because we teamed up, the night was not that bad afterall. All three of us ate lunch, used the bathroom more that once and were ready to give report in the morning. No one was left behind.

My point is, if we unite, if we come together and voice our concerns, we will be unstoppable. That night showed us that nurses as one are UNBREAKABLE. 


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