The Power of a Nurse

As a nurse I have worked most of my years on a telemetry floor. We have good days and bad days and some days are intense. My day started okay with 8 patients as always but they were all stable. Half way through my shift, hell broke lose. The phone rang and it was the telemetry tech notifying me that one of my patients went from (NS) Normal Sinus rhythm to (SVT) Supraventricular Tachycardia. I rushed to the patients room, and he was symptomatic. He was experiencing (S.O.B.) Shortness of breath, chest discomfort, dizziness and sweating. I immediately called the cardiologist who was just consulted to inform him of the change of status. Thank goodness he was in the hospital and rushed to the floor.

When the cardiologist arrived, I had already ordered labs, chest X-ray and EKG STAT. As we rushed to the room, my nurse manager called me. I advised her to give me a minute as I was in the middle of an emergency. She called my name out loud again and said, “come here now!” I told her “no I cannot, I have a patient in crisis and the cardiologist is giving me orders. I will be with you in a minute.” At that moment, my priority was the patient. She then yelled at me saying, “Don’t ignore me when I call.” The cardiologist came out of the room, grabbed me and took me back into the room. We then called a CODE BLUE.

Once the patient was in ICU, my nurse manager called me into her office and wanted to write me up for ignoring her call. I refused to sign the form and went to the nursing station. I called the nursing supervisor and the cardiologist and requested a meeting. In the end, the cardiologist backed my story. The nurse manager got disciplinary action taken against her. So you see nurses we must know our rights and not be afraid to speak up. We must know THE POWER OF A NURSE.

Imagine what we can accomplish if we unite!


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