We all have some type of stress in our lives.

We need some form of stress to stay focused and for the human body to maintain its equilibrium. There is stress everywhere: at home, the work place, in relationships, while travelling, while shopping, car problems and everything else that we do, even in sports. Our bodies are made to handle a certain amount of stress. Some people can handle more than others but we all have our breaking point.

It’s important that we recognize the signs of stress and learn how to deal with it. When we allow it to build within us without finding an appropriate release, stress can be very destructive. We hear on the news all the time about individuals walking into a mall, work place, airport or even a school shooting anyone in site. We hear of loved ones killing their entire families. Men, women and even our youth are going into depression and giving up on life. All of this stress is building up within you doesn’t have an outlet.

There are signs when stress is becoming unbearable and it’s important that we seek help for ourselves or others in need. Some signs of stress include: Irritability, mood swings, anger, lost or increase of appetite, sleeping more than usual, staying away from family and friends, not caring about your hygienes, dressing differently, crying, anxiety, self hatred.

This world and our lives are getting harder everyday but we must not allow ourselves to reach our breaking point. We must recognize the signs of STRESS before it’s too late. We all have too much to lose starting with ourselves…


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