True Stories

Meds Mistake


It is 9:00 am in the morning and the Charge Nurse, Gina is telling Patty that two of her seven patients are being discharged.

2-2 Heart

She advises her to put a rush on it because administration is aware and they’ve already called for the beds. Patty responded by saying “I will discharge them when I get a chance. I’m passing medications first and they have to wait.”

It is now 10:00 am and the nursing office is on the phone with Gina advising that they have assigned the beds and they need those two patients out. Gina tells Patty that she has to stop what she’s doing and discharge one patient and she will do the others.


Patty, instead of stopping what she was doing, begins to rush passing out medications and gives a patient the wrong medication. Patty runs up to the nursing station frantically and tells Gina about her error.


Gina responds by saying “Call the doctor and notify him of the mistake, do an incident report, monitor the patient for any changes, and hurry up and discharge your other patient. The nursing office is sending up environmental to clean the rooms. You are getting two admissions. Gina also says “Let this be a lesson learned that when you have a discharge and the nursing office needs beds, they don’t care what is happening on the floor. They just want the beds!”


Patty runs to the back and begins to cry. Nurse Marie who is sitting in the back eating breakfast tells her “Suck it up and go discharge your patients before the nursing supervisor comes up to the floor after you!”

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