Sensitive Saturday: NV loves all our NURSES

We as nurses are not told enough that we are loved. We do get it from our patients and families at times but never from management or administration. Nurses Vent would like to remind you of how much you mean to us, how marvelous you are, and although people cannot see it, we know that you all wear a cape. Below is a reminder of our love.

Reese’s pieces because we at NV love you to pieces.

Hershey Kisses because you deserve them from everyone.

Paper Clip because under stress you always seem to hold it together.

Rubber Bands is a small reminder that flexibility is the key.

Peppermint Patty always help in keeping you cool.

Snickers although hard at times, we know that laughter is the best medicine.

Tootsie Rolls will always help you roll with the punches.

Make no mistake nurses, we are the caregivers of the world. The heart and soul of health care. And although we are always being broken down by patients and their families, doctors, management and administrators, we never stay down and out. We get back up and continue our mission, to care for our patients. Because of your dedication we feel that a reminded is much needed of how much NV LOVES ALL OUR NURSES. We are here to make a change and will not stop until we succeed.


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