Sensitive Saturday: An Angel, A Nurse

All my life, my mother was a nurse. I remember as if it was yesterday sitting on her bed every night watching her get dress. She always worked the night shift, and I would always stay up to see her off. Watching my mother prepare for work was a masterpiece. The pride and time that she took in getting dress was breath taking. 

After coming out of the shower and lotioning her body, she would gently apply her white stockings. After putting on her slip, she would step into her snow white dress always well ironed. Through her career, my mother received many awards and pins which she always and proudly placed on her uniform every night she worked. Doing so took time because she had so many and yet she did it every night. Something I did not understand then but I do now. My mother had long black silky hair and would gently brush it back into a bun with no hair out of place. Back then nurses wore caps so she would place it on her head towards the back and pinning it down. When her cap was not in use, she made sure that it was in the plastic container keeping it safe. She was never big on make up so she would softly apply gloss on her beautiful lips. She never applied perfume, just a little body spray. She would tell me the smell can bother some patients especially if they have allergies or respiratory problems. She then placed her ID badge on the upper right side of her chest and grabbed her purse.

 We then walked to the front door holding Hands where her shoes where waiting for her. Her shoes never came inside the house. Every morning when she came home from work, she would clean and then polish her shoes and they were ready for the next shift. I have never seen such clean nursing shoes in my nursing career. I have never seen a nurse take such pride in her appearance. I knew she was a “NURSE” but sitting on her bed every night watching her get dress as a child, to me she was and always will be an “ANGEL.” 


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