Our Scrubs Have Power

It took one hectic night shift for me to discover that our scrubs have power. When working the night shift, it can be challenging getting to work on time.  We have children to tend to, dinner to prepare, errands to run before work and the evening rush of traffic that we face. Even the occasional oversleep due to exhaustion. We still do it as nurses and health care providers.

This particular day, I was on my way to work pressed for time but on time. I was about 5 minutes from the hospital when I was approaching a red light. I was in the center lane and noticed that cars where getting out of it moving to the left and right lane. When I got close, I noticed a broken down car with an elderly woman standing by the door. She was easily about 70-75 years old, alone and clearly overwhelmed. Everyone was just driving pass her going about their business. Well, we know that once a nurse always a nurse, and we always help those in need no matter what.

I stopped my car directly behind her and offered my help. I advised her to get back in the car. While she steered, I would push her to the side of the road. She did and all I had to do was get in position as if I was going to begin pushing the car on my own. I have never seen so many cars stop to help in my life.

Men and women came to the rescue, one of them saying , “You are in scrubs and there is a hospital down the street so I am guessing you have to go save lives. We got this, go to work.”

A young lady said, “I am in nursing school now and cannot wait to have my scrubs on like you. Go to work, I’ll help.”

I have never been so proud to be wearing scrubs and being a nurse as I was that day. It showed me how much we are truly respected and how much OUR SCRUBS HAVE POWER. Let us wear them proudly!


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