My True Love “NURSING”

We have no control with who or what we fall in love with in life. A pair of shoes, a car, a certain man or woman, a song, a good book or movie. My first career choice was not nursing, it was modeling and acting. God however, had a different plan for me and now I understand.

After 10 years of bedside care, besides my son and family, I have never loved anything as much as I love nursing. The gentle touch that my patients give me after caring for them. The hugs and kisses from the family showing how much they appreciate everything that I do for their loved ones, fills my heart with joy every time. The way that nurses and CNA’s pull together and work as a team  during an emergency is breath taking.

But now my love is fading due to the abuse that we nurses are induring. Our nurse managers, doctors and administrators are showing no respect towards us and expect for us to be silent. Well I cannot be silent any more. I am bringing the abuse to light and out to the public at any cost necessary. Everyone must know what is taking place in the nursing field. I am fighting for my true love. I will not let it die, I will not lose my love. Let us spread the word and make a change.


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