His Life for Hers On Christmas 

As health care providers, most of us work holidays at one point or another.

We usually rotate. If you work Christmas, your off for the New Years. This particular year I was working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My favorite team was also on schedule to work, so I already knew that it was going to be a good Christmas, or so I thought.

It was Christmas Eve and the Pediatrics ER was practically empty. We were having a good night. Suddenly the EMS radio came on. There were two teens on their way to us for near drowning. They were at a local park having a Christmas Eve BBQ when a young girl 15 years old with her dog fell in the lake. Apparently she and her dog became tangled in the weed at the bottom of the lake and were not able to get out.

Another teen 17 years old noticed her struggling with her dog and instead of calling for help, he immediately jumped in to help. He fought and strugggled and got them both out but not before she took some water in. The dog was fine.  By then he became tangled and was not able to get out. Near by folks noticed the situation and called 911. When rescue arrived they jumped in and got him out.

They arrived to the ER and the girl was fine. The young man was a CODE BLUE. The team worked on him for over one hour. We did not know the full story yet but the doctor refused to give up on him. We did everything possible without success. He was only 17 years old, a baby and he looked just like my son. During the code I could not stop thinking on how much he looked like my son. The doctor finally called it 5 minutes past midnight, it was Christmas Day.

The doctor went to the family waiting area to inform of the passing. This time we all went as a team. We all cried as a family. To see this mother cry for losing her son on Christmas Day left me, left us all cold. The young girl and her family were also there. She could not believe what had just happened, she was in shock. To know that he gave HIS LIFE FOR HERS ON CHRISTMAS, will be something that she will always remember. Later that night I called my son and woke him from his sleep just to say I love you. 


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