“Danger Be Aware of 1:1 Sitting”

In health care we are all familiar with the term 1:1. This means that one CNA (certified nursing assistant) is sitting with one patient who is confused, a high risk for falls or a risk for injuring to self or others. The name says it all “One to One Sitting.” This is not what is taking place. 

The CNA’s are sitting with 2 or 3 and I have even seen them with 4 patients at one time. This is dangerous for the patients, CNA’s and nurses assigned to these patients. If any of these patients were to get injured while on a 1:1 sitting, who do you think is to blame and who will be the fall guy?  When one of the patients is climbing out of bed or in need of care, who is watching the other patients? No one that’s who. The nurse will have lots to explaining to the families, management and administrators. Let us not even mention if attorneys get involved, both CNA and nurse would most likely lose their job. I have seen it happen so why are we accepting these assignments.

The reality to it all is that health care is no longer practicing  1:1 sitting. It is now 1:2, 1:3 and 1:4 while putting patients at risk and nurses licenses in danger. If any injury occurs the nurse automatically becomes the fall guy. We must protect ourselves and our patients. Nurses, do you remember while in nursing school our instructors always told us to know the nursing laws and our rights? This will protect us and our patients. We must learn to say “NO”, we must Learn our laws.


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