Caught You Shining

Today I found in my employee mailbox a notice of “Caught you shining.” A patient and family spoke highly of me and the care I provided. The form usually gets filled out, signed and given to you by the nurse manager. My form was incomplete, not signed and stuffed in my mailbox. I asked my nurse manager why is my form incomplete and not signed?

Her response was, “Don’t bother yourself with that and just put it away. Get back on the floor.

Now if I had done something wrong or if a patient had complained about me, management would have quickly brought it to my attention. I would have probably been written up as well. I bet you the form would have also been completely filled out and signed by management. So how come a good deed is not equally recognized? Nurse managers, the words “nice job” goes a long way! Remember you were once a bedside nurse.

Share your bad nurse manager experience with us.


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