Black History: Engineer, Physician & Astronaut 

Mae Carol Jemison is an African American engineer, physician and astronaut.

Mae Carol Jemison was born October 17th, 1956 in Decatur, AL. Mae served in the Peace Corps from 1985-1987 when she was selected by NASA to join the astronaut corps. She became the first African American woman to travel in space when she went into orbit aboard the space shuttle Endeavour on September 12th, 1992.

Jemison is a professor at Cornell University and was a professor of Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College from 1995-2002. She continues to advocate in favor of science education and getting minority students interested in science.

Jemison founded the Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence and named the foundation in honor of her mother. One of the projects of Jemison’s foundation is the Earth We Share (TEWS). It’s an international science camp where students ages 12 to 16 work to solve current global problems. Camps have been held on sites around the Unites States. TEWS was also introduced internationally to high school students in day programs in South Africa and Junisia. In 1999 TEWS was expanded overseas to adults at the Zermatt Creativity and Leadership Symposium held in Switzerland.

Dr. Jemison has had many television appearances including Star Trek. She is active in public speaking promoting science and technology as well as providing an inspirational and educational message for young people. She has received countless honors and awards including a postage stamp in her honor in 1996.

Researching and reading on Dr. Jemison has truly inspired me and shows that anything is possible with hard work. I recommend everyone to read about Dr. Jemison and all her accomplishments. She is truly an amazing woman!



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